30th September 1998 Awarded distribution rights for Nippon Oil Corporation’s Automotive Lubricants for car assemblers, replacement market and after-sale market in Malaysia. Nippon Oil Corporation is the oldest & largest oil company in Japan in terms of petrol kiosk, sales turnover and refinery capacity.
September 2002
Commenced localization of Long Life Coolant. Blending and Quality Control of Long Life Coolant is done in-house with the technology know-how from Showa Water Industries Co., Ltd.
February 2006 Implemented an Environmental Management Systems and certified to MS ISO14001:2004 by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd.
February 2009 Obtained the distributor right and started to market Panasonic brand car battery in peninsular Malaysia.
March 2009 Further expanded its product portfolio and start to market Nippon Koyu Ltd., Japan’s grease for automotive industry.
April 2009 Set up 100% subsidiary named Mayshowa Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., The manufacturing activities of Showa’s automotive products will be shifted to this company.
June 2009 Begin to export Dot 3 Brake Fluid to Showa Water Industries Co., Ltd. Japan.
October 2009 Relocation of Head Office and factory to Kampung Baru Subang.
July 2010 Set up of subsidiary Mayshowa Asia Pte. Ltd. for Singapore market.