Musashi White Premium Brake Pads

Musashi White Brake Pads are using Nano Technology to improve compressibility in the brake pads that helps the coefcient of friction stable and remain constant over a wide range of temperatures.

Musashi Winner Standard Brake Pads

Musashi Winner Brake Pads are made from Special formulation to deliver high performance and provides excellent Pedal Feel for all driving condition.

Musashi Winner Brake Pads have been the standard for most popular passenger cars, light truck and sport utility vehicle (SUV) in Thailand.

Musashi Red Economic Brake Pads

Musashi Red Brake Pads are a high quality, economical line for passenger cars applications.

Musashi Winner Standard Brake Shoes

Passenger Cars, light truck and SUV

Friction stability under extreme conditions and responds well in all driving condition. For most popular passenger cars, truck and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in Thailand.

Musashi Brake Lining

For light truck, heavy truck, trailer and bus applications. A long life time, good performance, high strength.

Bus and light truck